Twitter Unveils New Mobile App, Site Design, Better Integration, Brand Pages

Twitter Mobile Screen Capture

This info is fresh from the oven so be careful because it’s hot to the touch.

The social media landscape continues to shift and bubble. Disruption and innovation are the new normal as everything on the web is constantly being refreshed, updated and further developed.

We see this every day in the little changes that Facebook makes to our friendstream, or that Google makes to our email inbox or analytics reports.

Today Twitter announced that they’re making some big changes at their site and to their mobile app.

Ok, alright, I’ll say it: “It’s about time!”

I have always been puzzled by the plain design and the lack of features available for people who use so I’m very excited to see the new site and the app.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s happening and some personal thoughts on it.

The Mobile App:

The mobile app was released today and I have downloaded it to my iPhone.

Some very interesting changes to the design  and layout that make twitter more streamlined and focused.

Twitter's Relaunched Design Focuses on 5 Active Icons

First, Twitter has decided to focus it the app’s useability around 5 key areas with corresponding icons: Home, Connect, Discover, Me and, of course, Tweet.

Some initial thoughts on the 5 key areas:

Home: Nice and clean and readable. Good smooth scrolling. Engagement functionality looks good for RTs, replies, favorites and such.

@Connect: Seems to be Interactions, Mentions and new Follows. This is an interesting way to see who you’ve recently interacted with, who has added you to a list or retweeted you, or otherwise engaged your account.

#Discover: Recent news, trending topics or specific hashtags or keywords filter. Again, good clean integration of filters that allow you to follow the info most relevant to you and your life. This should be an excellent development for Twitter users of any level of experience.

Me: Here’s where you can check out direct messages, manage your lists, review your saved searches, adjust your settings and even ‘switch accounts’ for those of you who are like me and managing several different twitter accounts at one time.

The process of adding an account is super simple, too!

Tweet: Not much change here but some nice integrations with mentions, hashtags, geo-location and photo/video.

The new twitter app seems to be a winner at first glance and I’m happy that it came along when it did as I was beginning to approach increased frustration levels with my Tweetdeck app.

Talking About the Website,

Twitter is about to launch a fresh version on their main page that looks like it takes all the improvements to the mobile app and brings it to your desktop.

Check out the video and get out your telescope.

YouTube Preview Image

Talking About Brand Pages:

Google Plus dragged its feet on this and lost a lot of initial love and leverage but Twitter seems to be arriving at the right moment with new design options for brands to display their own style within their own pages.

TechCrunch did some great work on this. Check out their thoughts here.

Below is a screen capture of what a new brand page might look like. Pretty slick!

New Designs for Brands on Twitter. Looks pretty slick.

Note: All graphics, screen captures and much of the information in this blog post came from TechCrunch articles written by Eric Eldon and Eric Schonfeld. Thanks, guys!







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