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Mind Your Manners

 It never fails. Just when my faith in the innate goodness of human beings starts to soar and I begin to think that just maybe we can all play nicely in the sandbox, the crap hits the fan.  Not too long ago I was watching a Twitter exchange between two prominent, intelligent people who locked […]

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Moving Past Hesitation Towards Engagement Via Social Media

“Ok, now what?” It’s the question that nearly everyone asks when they’re beginning their journey across the social media channels. They stand at the edge of the impossibly vast digital expanse with its incredible complexity and they wonder how to proceed. Or, put another way, they sit in front of their computers watching the cursor […]

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Towards a Shared Digital Workspace: More Questions Than Answers

Recently I have been tracking ways that I can become more efficient and mindful in my various daily tasks whether it’s in my home life or at work. I’m also very interested in helping Monkeytree and our clients work and collaborate together easily and more directly. One can be forgiven for thinking that this would […]

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