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Mind Your Manners

 It never fails. Just when my faith in the innate goodness of human beings starts to soar and I begin to think that just maybe we can all play nicely in the sandbox, the crap hits the fan.  Not too long ago I was watching a Twitter exchange between two prominent, intelligent people who locked […]

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dave trail

The Role of Governance, or Nobody Here but Us Boneless Chickens

What I’m about to say may seem self-evident or even silly, but is more important than many people and organizations realize: never underestimate the power of effective policies and governance. I am currently engaged with an incredibly talented and intelligent group of experts who have been charged with creating an online educational program for first […]

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A Reflection on Culture

Recently, while watching Casablanca for what must be the 4,538th time, I had occasion to start pondering the connection between the availability of culture and how that has affected society in general. I remember an occasion in the 1980s when my parents, returning from a trip to New York to our home in rural Cape […]

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