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December 2014
Conference 2015 – 10 Years, Celebrating Success – Focusing on the Future
BCNPA will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of Nurse Practitioners in British Columbia at the Vancouver, Hyatt Regency from June 12-14, 2015. The call for abstracts is now open to all and we look forward to your submissions! Sponsorship opportunities are also posted. Visit for more information.

At the request of the Ministry of Health, BCNPA submitted a number of recommendations made by B.C. nurse practitioners for new NP4BC positions. Our heartfelt thanks to our members who provided us with more than seven pages of proposals for consideration. We look forward to hearing how NP4BC dollars will be allocated based on your input. The list of proposed suggestions can be found on the BCNPA website.

Regulation/Legislation Update

Controlled Drugs and Substances Prescribing
As identified by the College of Registered Nurses of BC (CRNBC), a lot of work must still be done on standards, limits and conditions for prescribing controlled drugs and substances (CDS) before NP's can move forward with CDS prescribing. Watch the CRNBC website for details.

Workers Compensation Act
On May 29, 2014, Bill 17, Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act, 2014 received Royal Assent. This amended the Workers Compensation Act to include nurse practitioner in the current definition of a "qualified practitioner". The changes are expected to take effect on January 1, 2015. Under the revised policies, nurse practitioners will be recognized as qualified practitioners who can provide services to workers as authorized by the Health Professions Act and corresponding regulations and bylaws.  Check out the Worksafe site for more information.

The barriers for ordering Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) have been raised by BCNPA numerous times. In consultation with CRNBC and the Ministry of Health, it has been determined that ordering an MRI is within the scope of practice of a Nurse Practitioner. However legislative changes to two acts (Health Professions Act, Hospital Insurance Act) will be required before Nurse Practitioners will be able to order MRIs. BCNPA continues to work with the Ministry to enact the necessary amendments to the two acts.

Nurse Practitioners have encountered rejections from Pathology Medicine for the examination of biopsy samples. In discussion with the CRNBC and the Ministry of Health, it has been determined that the referral to pathology medicine is within the scope of a Nurse Practitioner. Payment for pathology services as advised by Health Insurance BC is not a fee for service designation and is paid by health authorities from their global budgets.

Bone Scan's with flow have been reviewed in conjunction with the CRNBC and the Ministry of Health and have been identified within the scope of a Nurse Practitioner. The Ministry of Health – Health Insurance BC will develop a fee code to ensure acceptance of Nurse Practitioner submissions for bone scans with flow.

Changes to the Employment and Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Act remain a work in progress. We look forward to the coming changes from the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation. Stay tuned for details as they emerge in the new year.

Credentialing and Privileging Project
In the last BCNPA update we introduced the provincial credentialing and privileging project. An expert panel of Nurse Practitioners in the province has now completed a draft of Nurse Practitioner Clinical privileges. Stay tuned for further details as they emerge in 2015.

BCNPA Town Hall Follow-up
Members of the BCNPA and ARNBC boards met on December 17, 2014 to further discuss the feedback received from Nurse Practitioners regarding potential partnership and collaboration between the two organizations. In 2015 CRNBC will begin to transition some of its programs and services for Nurse Practitioners to ARNBC. BCNPA is working with ARNBC to ensure the needs of Nurse Practitioners are met throughout this process. We look forward to having further consultation with our members as we continue these negotiations.

Nurse Practitioner Students
With three NP programs in B.C. and a growing number of distance programs educating NPs across Canada, we welcome students to participate in the Association.  BCNPA looks forward to connecting with you whether online or at your respective University. Sign up today!

Ministry of Health
BCNPA continues to meet with the Ministry of Health on a monthly basis, discussing legislative and regulatory issues along with policy issues that impact the integration of Nurse Practitioners into British Columbia's health care system. Let us know what you think is working and what is not and we will be happy to bring your successes and challenges forward at these critical meetings. Please send your comments to

National Nurse Practitioner Voice
CAAPN (Canadian Association of Advanced Practice Nurses) continues to advocate for NP's on the national level, acquiring official status as consulting agency for the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) at Health Canada. CAAPN was also engaged in a national e-prescribing think tank; and additional NPs are now participating in various clinical practice guidelines consultations.

As a BCNPA member you are also a member of CAAPN. To access the CAAPN website members area go to: type in the email you use to access your BCNPA account and select 'forgot password' to receive a new password to login. There is a lot of great work happening on the national level including development of a position paper on funding models, and a review of national legislation.

Membership Benefits
As a BCNPA member you have access to the following membership benefits:
  1. Membership in CAAPN (Canadian Association of Advanced Practice Nurses)
  2. Conference fee discounts
  3. Free group subscription to Rx Files
  4. Discounted membership to Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness and She's Fit
Stay tuned as we continue to develop further membership benefits.

Happy Holidays!
As we wrap up 2014 and look forward to 2015 the BCNPA Executive would like to offer heartfelt thanks to all B.C. Nurse Practitioners for your advocacy and leadership. We look forward to your ongoing support and engagement in supporting the health of all British Columbians.

On behalf of the BC Nurse Practitioners Association we wish you and your families all the best in 2015!