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March 2015
Conference 2015 – 10 Years, Celebrating Success – Focusing on the Future

Conference Registration is NOW OPEN. Take advantage of the early bird rates! This year's program will provide workshops to sharpen your clinical skills and increase your understanding of the legal aspects Nurse Practitioners face as a profession. We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

Visit BCNPA Conference for more information.

Membership Renewal

Don't forget to renew your BCNPA membership to ensure you continue to receive updates and opportunities to engage with your professional association. Existing members can renew by clicking the renewal button in the members only area. New members should fill out this webform to apply for membership.

If you are a health authority employed Nurse Practitioner, we recommend that you review your terms and conditions of employment as there is an opportunity for your employer to support you in becoming a member or maintaining your membership with BCNPA.

Excerpt from Health Authority PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT & MEMBERSHIPS terms and conditions below:

  • Approved, budgeted business-related memberships may be paid for by (Health Authority), subject to available funding and only by prior approval of the manager/director.
AGM & Nominations – BCNPA Board

Nurse Practitioners this is your opportunity to shape the future of NP’s in BC. The following BCNPA Board positions will be available as of June 2015.

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Vancouver Regional Director
  • Northern Regional Director
  • Interior Regional Director

The BCNPA AGM will occur June 12, 2015, 3:30 pm at the Hyatt Regency - we look forward to seeing you.


The BCNPA welcomes Nurse Practitioners to submit stories, practice reflections about health and social policy issues to be included on our blog (a discussion or informational site that is utilized to share ideas, experiences or opinions). Check out previous submissions at and consider sharing your own blogpost. No experience with blogging? Not to worry, we will be happy to help you! We look forward to hearing from you!

Submit items to


CASN Nursing Workplace Readiness

The Nursing Workplace Readiness, a project funded by Health Canada will attempt to identify which strategies being used by educational institutions, and which strategies being used by employers, most effectively prepare NP students and new NP graduates to bridge the gap between education and the workforce. It will include a scoping review of literature, interviews, surveys and focus groups. BCNPA has been invited to participate in this project. Learn more here.

The i-GAP Study – Improving Advance Care Planning in General Practice

Improving Advance Care Planning in General Practice (i-GAP) is a national research project to assess and stimulate Advance Care Planning (ACP) in primary care settings. i-GAP is funded by Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network (TVN), the Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR) and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. Read the Five-Year Plan or contact Louise Hanvey, Director – Advance Care Planning in Canada Initiative at to learn more about how you can participate.

Primary Care Providers' Attitudes and Experiences Concerning Recommending Cancer Screening to Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

Genevieve Breau, a PhD candidate in the Interdisciplinary Oncology Program at the University of British Columbia, is conducting a study as part of her dissertation to examine primary care providers' and primary care provider students' (including family physicians and nurse practitioners) attitudes concerning recommending cancer screening to individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. Participating in the study involves completing an online questionnaire, which will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. If you have any questions, you may reach Genevieve at

Link for the questionnaire:

Practice Support

Communities of Practice

BCNPA commenced attending community of practice meetings in health authorities around the province in the fall of 2014. The purpose of these meeting is twofold: to gain insight into issues impacting NPs and the communities in which they work, and to explore ways in which we can work together to find solutions. Through these face-to-face meetings, NPs can hear the latest on what the organization is doing and ask questions about issues of importance to them. We look forward to you feedback.

  • Vancouver Coastal Health – December 5, 2014
  • Fraser Health – January 7, 2015
  • Island Health – March 25, 2015
  • Provincial Health – April 21, 2015
  • Interior Health – TBD
  • Northern Health – June 11, 2015
  • Providence Health – TBD


Rapid Access to Consultation & Evaluation is trialing a new RACE service for three months in the lower mainland. The new service is RACE-ED and it will start on February 03, 2015. RACE-ED can assist you with providing care for your patients. Call 604-696-2131 for more information on RACE-ED or visit

Nurse Practitioner Leaders

Interior Health is now the 3rd Health Authority to implement a Nurse Practitioner leadership role to facilitate the integration of the role into health service delivery. We look forward to building and strengthening our ongoing collaboration with health authorities to support NP integration.

Liability Insurance

Over the past year the BCNPA has been advocating for changes to the current insurance policy held by CRNBC for Nurse Practitioners. We are pleased to announce that changes to the policy have now been implemented to provide individual Nurse Practitioners with insurance that provides for greater personal liability protection. While this policy does not support all of our needs as a profession, we are pleased that CRNBC and ARNBC have heard and responded to our concerns. We look forward to working with the CRNBC and ARNBC towards having a policy that will fully support Nurse Practitioner needs in the future. Check out Liability Insurance for details regarding the policy.

Ministry of Health

Stakeholder Engagement

BCNPA continues to meet with the Ministry of Health on a monthly basis, exploring how we can address barriers to practice and further integrate Nurse Practitioners into British Columbia's Health System.

Issues discussed to date:

  • Rural & remote support for Nurse Practitioners
  • Legislative, regulatory and policy barriers
  • MSP Fee code barriers
  • Policy review and consultation

BCNPA looks forward to the engagement and discussion around the recently released Ministry of Health Policy Papers. For more information on the policy papers go to MOH Setting Priorities & Policy Papers.

BCNPA encourages all NPs to read these papers and provide feedback. Please send feedback to

New Fee Codes

The following diagnostics have been added to list of insured MSP services that Nurse Practitioners may access for their patients.

Legislative/Regulatory/Policy Barriers

BCNPA continues to work with the Ministry of Health and the College of Registered Nurses of BC to eliminate barriers to Nurse Practitioner practice. BCNPA will continue to work with government and the regulator to facilitate change.

  • MRI Scans
    • ACTION: Requires legislative change to 2 acts (Hospital Insurance Act Regulation and Health Professions Act.
    • WHO: Ministry of Health & CRNBC
  • BC Transit Act
    • ACTION: Requires legislative change to BC Transit Act.
    • WHO: Ministry of Health
  • Controlled Drugs & Substances
    • ACTION: Requires legislative change to Health Professions Act and Pharmaceutical Services Act.
    • WHO: Ministry of Health for legislative change and CRNBC for development of operational requirements (QA and triplicate prescription program), along with NP's meeting educational requirements
  • Employment & Assistance for Persons with Disabilities & Employment Assistance Act
    • ACTION: Operationalization of changes by Min of Social Development & Social Innovation. Letter received from Deputy Minister Sheila Taylor outlines further consultation with disability communities is requires before considering operationalizing this amendment.
    • WHO: Ministry of Social Development & Social Innovation
  • Mental Health Act
    • ACTION: Ministry of Health and CRNBC embarking on further consultation with stakeholders to explore how we may move forward.
    • WHO; Ministry of Health and CRNBC
  • School Act
    • ACTION: Awaiting response from government regarding operationalizing change.
    • WHO: Ministry of Health.
  • Do Not Resuscitate
    • ACTION: Recognition of Nurse Practitioners as a provider who can make decisions with patient & family regarding DNR.
    • WHO: Ministry of Health and CRNBC
  • Prescribing of Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Anti-Retrovirals
    • ACTION: Recognition of NP's as providers who can prescribe ARV's beyond the 5 day initiation for PEP.
    • WHAT: Briefing note sent to MOH, BC Center for Excellence and CRNBC advocating for change.

BCNPA continues to meet with the CRNBC to discuss issues that impact NP Practice. Issues discussed in the recent meeting include:

  • Legislative/Regulatory/Policy barriers to practice – collaborative work between CRNBC and MOH.
  • Personal Liability Protection – provide feedback to CRNBC/ARNBC on policy needs for Nurse Practitioners
  • Regulatory Practice Support – what does this look like now and for the future
  • Examination of Nurse Practitioners (Written exam and OSCE) – Outcomes, and need for exam support.
  • NP Scope of Practice Review – CRNBC will be conducting a review of scope of practice as part of its five year review. NPs will have an opportunity to provide feedback to CRNBC.
  • NP registration – implementation of new fields to capture NP's accepting new patients – currently awaiting operationalization of this by CRNBC.
  • NP Practice Analysis – explore findings and recommendations once available.

As the professional voice for Nurse Practitioners, BCNPA continues its discussions with ARNBC, exploring opportunities to support and advocate for Nurse Practitioners.

Opportunities to be explored:

  • Practice Support for Nurse Practitioners
  • Resource utilization
  • Liability Insurance for Nurse Practitioners
  • Health and Social Policy work that affects NPs and their patients
  • Nursing Advocacy

We invite your comments and questions to