What We Offer

What’s the Monkeytree Difference?

An exceptional team. That’s the big deal.

Every single monkey has an advanced degree and an ability to write in clear, concise, plain language.

We have creative writers and those who take a more academic approach.

We have designers who are self-trained, others who have degrees in fine arts, and one who is a renowned cartoonist with his strips and images appearing in newspapers and magazines all over North America.

We have individuals who have worked in public service for years, honing skills in policy analysis and development, as well as government relations and manouevering through tricky political situations.

We have a social media specialist who not only understands the need to have many ‘followers’ but understands the theories and processes behind social media.

We have consultants who have lived a million past lives – as journalists, web developers, vice presidents, project managers, policy analysts, speechwriters, illustrators.

You name it, we have someone who has done it and done it at a high level.

You can’t beat our experience and still have the small-company approach.

Whether it’s a long-term communications project for a major national health care client or a short-term project for rebranding a local organization, Monkeytree has the team and the experience to deliver the best quality work.